Alice in New York™

Modern adaptation of Through the Looking Glass.
Lina Tetradi-Sideri

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Alice in New York is a groundbreaking adaptation. A special celebration of the 140th anniversary of Through the Looking Glass, first published in 1871. This incredible iPad book includes a new story and never-before-seen color illustrations that transport Alice from Sir John Tenniel’s original drawings and into modern New York. 


• 140 years in the making! 
• Explore New York for the first time with Alice 
• Enjoy 136 beautiful digitally-remastered pages 
• Feast on 27 fully interactive illustrations 
• Be stunned by pictures that come to life as you tilt your iPad 
• Based on a Lewis Carroll classic, with illustrations adapted from Sir John Tenniel 
• Delight in the physics engine that responds to your touch 
• Includes mindblowing particle simulations, accelerometer and aquatic effects

I have used this app as a free option reading activity after having taught Alice In Wonderland .

English Level : B1+ (ALTE FRAMEWORK) /4+ bilingual 

Τι μας άρεσε: 
I really enjoy a twist when it comes to adaptations.
Τι δεν μας άρεσε: 
It might be a bit challenging for EFL readers if they haven't read Alice in Wonderland.
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