A wonderfully clever alphabet book app.
Lina Tetradi-Sideri

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Graeme Base's fabulous book Animilia enjoys its 25th anniversary and is a must for every family iPad Library! As well as the many puzzles that have been created to enhance your iPad experience of this classic book, you can enjoy a great presentation read by the author.  Animilia depicts each letter of the alphabet as as collage of incredibly detailed illustrations beautifully woven together through alliteration and artistic creativity!  When you explore each letter, ALL the objects that are featured within that picture begin with that letter, it truly is amazing. Explore art and language combined whilst enriching your vocabulary in a engaging and entertaining way!!

It provides hours of challenging puzzles and word games, as well as being an excellent book with fantastic artwork.  A toddler appreciates the pictures whereas both young and older children thoroughly enjoy hunting around for the hidden objects.  Find at least 4 objects within each alphabetical letter, search for Graeme and the anniversary Butterfly Star which are also hiding on every page.

I would definitely recommend this one for the new learners . It is very engaging and enriching .

Note: most words in the App are  not found in the common alphabet word list .Quite challenging for the older ones ...

Ages: 3-12

English Langauge Level :A1 

Alte Framework: YLE+

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The artwork is truly inspiring .
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This app is not on the Greek app store . Switch app stores to purchase it .
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