An entertaining language learning tool.
Lina Tetradi-Sideri

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The Phrasal Verb Machine contains a very interesting  bank of phrasal verbs essential to the English language learner at level A2 or higher. It is entertaining and easy to use. The interactive visual interpretations of each phrasal verb are stimulating and convey meaning clearly. The exercise feature helps the user reinforce knowledge and practice with each phrasal verb as many times as possible. It should be noted that there is an added  language feature that enables the user to have multilingual interpretations for each phrasal verb. The vintage display , music and sound effects make the app all the more enjoyable .

It can be used as a tool in class or at home when studying. When the sound feature is switched off it can also be used for a group competition activity.It can be used in combination with any dictionary app.All the Cambridge language apps that are visible on this app are compatible .

I have found it to be very helpful when introducing phrasal verbs in the classroom . After having made a presentation to students I set  a group of phrasal verbs an ask them to search the Machine for the example sentences or meanings.Another idea might be to allow students to literally play with the app as a warm up activity or for early finishers. I strongly recommnend this for all learners and educators .

English Level: A2+


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I particularly enjoyed the vintage music and display. The variety of phrasal verbs is sufficient .
Τι δεν μας άρεσε: 
I would like to see Greek as an option in the translation feature.
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