Pincess Chocolate

An interactive storybook for children aged 4-6.
Lina Tetradi-Sideri

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Princess Chocolate is a deliciously written short story book for children aged 4-6 .There is a great amount of chocolate for children to discover in the book along with a good story line .The story is compact with its own cackling witch,princess,king and queen . I was surprised to see what other uses chocolate can be put to .

There is a narration feature along with the option for adult and children to record their own narrative . Another feature is the camera recording or snapshot that can be added to your version of the story . Once the child has gone through the text then he or she can keep Mum's narration and a snapshot of both reading the text. Quite innovative as story telling goes . 


English Level : A1 +



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I quite enjoyed the storyline and the underlying messages for spoilt brats . Kids get easily addicted to the story and read it over and over again .
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