Professor Garfield Cyberbullying

Internet Safety with Professor Garfield - Cyberbullying
Lina Tetradi-Sideri

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Who else would be better than Garfield to set things straight where bullying is concerned? Everyone seems to know it's happening and most people just don't know how to tell children about it. Well , let Garfield do it !

This a carefully  thought out app that provides facts and critical thinking tasks for users to go through and then draw their own conclusions on how to act and protect themselves from cyberbullying .

Students using this found the app quite interesting and challenging .

English Level: A2+


Τι μας άρεσε: 
The interactivity and comic strip layout.Garfield of course!
Τι δεν μας άρεσε: 
Users may have difficulty going backwards and forwards in the app. The point is to just keep on going after each option based task.
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