Sherlock Holmes for the iPad

Experience the classics like never before!
Lina Tetradi-Sideri

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would be quite fascinated to see his work interactively displayed on an iPad app. Sherlock Holmes for the iPad is a book app which contains a collection of short stories each set in vintage style.The atmosphere takes you back to the time of the author's life in Edinburgh(1880-914).

The art work is spectacular and there is a surprise on each page.The music and soundeffects help the reader go through the 5 stories effortlessly.

As with most literature this app can be used in class or for private study. Reading for pleasure is another option.

I have used this app with a wide variety of learners . The outcome has been surprising. Most have finished all 5 stories because the interactivity kept their interest going until the very end. A win-win situation! Students will prefer this fresh approach to  literature .

Level of English : B1+ (ALTE FRAMEWORK)

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The art work and the stunning interactivity cleverly hidden.
Τι δεν μας άρεσε: 
Well, what's not to like? I suppose the fact that there is no sequel app!
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