Barefoot World Atlas

The world at your fingertips.
Lina Tetradi-Sideri

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Barefoot World Atlas puts the world at your children’s fingertips!

With this incredible app, anyone can fly around the magical, interactive 3D globe and discover the rich wonders of our planet.

*Selected by Apple as one of the 10 best apps ever for the 5th anniversary of the App Store*

*App Store Best of 2013*

*Editors’ Choice*

*Downloaded over four million times*

“An immersive app that immediately invites exploration” – The New York Times

It’s never been easier to explore the world’s continents, great oceans and changing environments.

As you travel from country to country, you’ll meet different people from around the planet and find out about their way of life. With the tap of a finger, you can encounter amazing wildlife, and discover famous landmarks, fantastic natural features and remarkable buildings.


A multi-language, universal app optimised for the retina display

• Spin, zoom and fly around the globe!

• Read and listen to geographer and BBC TV presenter Nick Crane

• Learn fascinating facts about every country

• Watch hundreds of mini-videos

• Enjoy beautiful animated illustrations by artist David Dean

• Follow an ever-changing soundscape

• Expand your world with extra packs, including World Art & International Football

• Browse through hundreds of breath-taking photographs

• Check out live data from Wolfram|Alpha® And it doesn’t stop there! The new expansion packs, available as in-app purchases, are overflowing with even more exciting and incredible features to add to your globe.

If you are a social studies teacher looking for that one tool to hype your lesson then go for this one ! It is easy to use and can become a great source of enjoyment in class or when doing projects .

The price tag should not discourage you -it is worth every cent !

I have used this in English classes when referring to places mentioned in the course book and have also played games connected to wh-questions when doing grammar.

English Level: B1


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