Roald Dahl Audiobooks

Roald Dahl to your heart' s content !
Lina Tetradi-Sideri

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Rejoyce! For Roald Dahl's 19 fabulous works are available on one app in audio book format .

The app allows you to download various audio books from Dahl's amazing stories narrated by some great names including Stephen Fry, Kate Winslet, Bill Bailey, David Walliams.Just right for a lazy afternoon ( if you are lucky to have one ...) or for slow readers wanting a short cut.

To be fair ... I think that the audio book version is a very good tool to sharpen listening and to give pleasure to those who love the author. Young children who are bilingual will certainly crave for more and more. 

For teachers, well this is heaven for learners needing a gentle push into great literature .

This can be used in multiple ways. In class as a story time feature, for listening exercises and for homework assignments .


English Level: B1/ 4-12 BILINGUAL


contains in-app purchases 

Τι μας άρεσε: 
Well, a complete collection of Roald Dahl is a great start to a tablet library.
Τι δεν μας άρεσε: 
I think that a new version with some interactivity might be necessary.
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