The Waste Land by T.S. Eliot

A unique reading experience!
Lina Tetradi-Sideri

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Faber takes TS Eliot into the 21st century today, with the launch, in association with Touch Press, of an iPad app of The Waste Land that includes a video performance of the poem, notes, commentary and readings from Fiona Shaw,Viggo Mortensen, Ted Hughes, and Eliot himself. 

Never before has poetry been cleverly dispalyed in so many diverse forms of media .

A unique reading experience!

A fantastic opportunity now springs for teaching literature in the classroom.

English Level : C1+



Τι μας άρεσε: 
The sheer quality and quantity of material available to the user. Fiona Shaw' s brilliant performance.
Τι δεν μας άρεσε: 
Well, the only disadvantage to the app is the sheer size .Bearing in mind that it is 1GB when most Apps go for much less.
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